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Procurement Resource Analyzes Propanol Cost of Production in New Report

Insights from the analyzes of the new report on the cost of production of propanol

The new report from Procurement Resource, a global procurement research and advisory firm, takes an in-depth look at the costs involved in producing propanol. The comprehensive report analyzes the cost of producing the material, covering raw material costs and co-product credit, equipment costs, land and site costs, labor wages, maintenance, financing costs and depreciation costs. The in-depth study outlines the step-wise consumption of materials and utilities along with a detailed process flow diagram. The report also assesses the latest developments within the industry that could influence the cost of propanol production, examining capacity expansions, plant turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions and investments.

Product definition:

Propanol is an alcohol, commonly known as 1-propanol. Propan-1-ol, 1-propyl alcohol, n-propyl alcohol, and n-propanol are all names for the colorless liquid. It is also known as 2-propanol isomer. It is produced naturally in small quantities as a by-product of several fermentation processes and is used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical sector, mainly for resins and cellulose esters. It can be converted into propionic acid by metabolism. Propanol has a higher octane rating, making it a better choice for engine fuel. However, the cost of producing propanol prevented it from becoming a common fuel. Cosmetics, skin and hair preparations, drugs, perfumes, hairspray formulations, tinting solutions, antifreeze, rubbing alcohol, soaps, window cleaners, acetone and other chemicals and products all use this chemical component.

Factors affecting the cost of propanol production:

In emerging countries, the construction sector is developing rapidly. This boosted the propanol industry by increasing the demand for paints and coatings. n-Propanol is a solvent used in the manufacture of paints and coatings. Building activity is growing in most emerging countries due to the growth of the urban population. According to the World Bank, the majority of APAC countries, including India, Myanmar, Nepal and Afghanistan, have less than 35% of their population living in urban centers. The construction sector will benefit from the expected rise of these economies at a promising pace.

Propanol Production Supply Resource Assessment:

Procurement Resource’s Cost of Production Report estimates the production of propanol by the catalytic hydrogenation process. Using the oxo process, ethylene is first hydroformylated with carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst such as a rhodium complex to make propionaldehyde, which is then hydrogenated to give propanol as an end product.

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