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Sourcing resource breaks down cost of producing red pepper oleoresin in new report

Analysis Overview of New Red Pepper Oleoresin Cost of Production Report

The new report from Procurement Resource, a global procurement research and advisory firm, takes an in-depth look at the costs involved in the production of red pepper oleoresin. The comprehensive report analyzes the cost of producing the material, covering raw material costs and co-product credit, equipment costs, land and site costs, labor wages, maintenance, financing costs and depreciation costs. The in-depth study outlines the step-wise consumption of materials and utilities along with a detailed process flow diagram. The report also assesses the latest developments within the industry that could influence the cost of production of red pepper oleoresin, by examining capacity expansions, plant turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and investments.

Product definition:

Oleoresins are natural extracts from a variety of plants that can be used to create color, flavor, smell and texture. The market is divided into paprika, black pepper, turmeric, capsicum, vanilla and other product types based on product type. By Application, the Oleoresins industry is segmented into Food & Beverage (Beverages, Bakery, Seasonings, Condiments, Meat & Seafood, and Other Food & Beverages), Fragrances, and Drugs and nutraceuticals.

Factors affecting the production cost of red pepper oleoresin:

Oleoresins are widely used in the beverage industry as a base flavor or as part of a more sophisticated flavor profile. These can also be used to impart a natural color to beverages, which extends their marketability. They can create new or improved natural foods and flavors with the wide range of oleoresins available. In addition, supply chain risk persisted in developed economies that initially relied heavily on imports from developing countries. However, as one of the most sought after destinations for herbs, spices, seasonings and products with recognizable value and local demand, market entry is now less impacted. These factors are expected to affect the production cost of red pepper oleoresin.

Red pepper oleoresin production supply resource assessment:

Procurement Resource’s Cost of Production report evaluates the production of red pepper oleoresin via the solvent extraction process. This process involves the solvent extraction of dried red pepper with an organic solvent such as acetone and ethanol and the concentration of the solvent extract by vacuum distillation to obtain red pepper oleoresin.

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