Malaysian actor Syafie Naswip furious with production team for breaking SOP resulting in virus spreading on set

Malaysian actor Syafie Naswip has become furious with a production crew for breaking standard operating procedure (SOP) on set amid the pandemic.

Syafie had to be quarantined at a hotel in Perak after it was revealed that one of the cast members on the set of the upcoming drama Hidayah Ustaz Viral had tested positive for Covid-19, and he had been in close contact with it.

“While all the cast complied with the SOP in place before entering set, some crew members did not receive their full doses and infected others,” Syafie said in shock. mStar, The starMalay language portal.

The 29-year-old further shared that ‘the infection is believed to be caused by a crew assistant who had not been vaccinated and passed it on to others’.

According to Syafie, the crew member had tested positive on October 1. Filming was halted for a day in an effort to get tested.

What was most distressing for Syafie was learning that the crew intended to continue filming, even though their members were infected.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) had requested the postponement of filming.

He confirmed that there were a total of seven positive cases on set, one of which was an actor.

On October 10, Syafie informed his fans on Instagram that he had completed his 10-day quarantine and shared a video of him performing the Covid-19 tests.

He stressed that he wanted the production team to be more responsible with this recurring problem and not take the SOPs lightly.

“Imagine if filming had just continued, we wouldn’t know how many more would be infected,” he said.

Bernama shared that the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) sent a statement reminding all filming protocol supervisors appointed by their respective production companies to ensure artists and crew comply with the SOP on the plateau.

The film body’s licensing and enforcement division has also opened an investigation document into the matter.

He said the public can lodge complaints by contacting the division on 03-41041300 or emailing