‘Late Show’ Production Crew Members Arrested by Capitol Police

Several people who worked under a Last show the production team was stopped inside a congressional office building on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

Like the Associated Press announced SaturdayUS Capitol Police (USCP) said “seven unauthorized individuals” in the building had been arrested and charged with unlawful entry, although a later statement from the USCP suggested further charges could be announced.

“Responding officers observed seven people, unescorted and without congressional ID, in a sixth-floor hallway,” said a police representative, who said he received a disturbance call about the Longworth House office building around 8.30pm local time on Thursday. said in a statement quoted by AP. “The building was closed to visitors, and these people were determined to be part of a group that had been ordered by the USCP to leave the building earlier in the day.”

CBS, the network behind the Last show franchise currently hosted by Stephane Colbertlater confirmed that the individuals were work as part of a production team for the late night series. The team, according to the network, was working on a Capitol-focused segment this week featuring the inimitable Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Earlier Thursday, the team reportedly worked on “cleared and pre-arranged” interviews. Once that part of the job was done, the team reportedly turned their attention to capturing various “comedic elements” for the segment before the police intervened.

The AP Report adds that Robert Smigel, who voices Triumph, was among multiple individuals to have been “arrested” by USCP officers.