ChromoGenics CTO on the production process

In a newly recorded film, ChromoGenics CTO and co-founder Gregoire Gregard explains how ConvertLight® Dynamic is produced in the Uppsala factory.

– It is extremely important that the sprayed film has the right properties. We therefore ensure quality and document every step of the production process very carefully. The material produced is tested with repeated loading and unloading at high and low temperatures to ensure durability and performance, states Gregoire Gregard.

Anyone interested in getting an insight into the factory and the production process is invited to watch the film here (English subtitles):

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On ChromoGenics
ChromoGenics is a proptech company that produces dynamic glass for real estate. The company’s ConverLight® Dynamic product controls indoor comfort with high daylight transmission, great views and solar heat blocking to reduce cooling costs. ConverLight® Dynamic is based on a patented solution where electrochromic coatings are laminated into a plastic film and then laminated between the glasses. The plastic film is easy to transport, which avoids long shipments of bulky glass. ChromoGenics also offers static glass, ConverLight® Static and the facade glass solution ConverLight® Energy. ChromoGenics’ The stock was listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in 2017 and has provided glass technology to several major real estate companies.

ChromoGenics is the result of cutting-edge research at the Ångströmlaboratoriet in Uppsala University. The company’s production plant in Uppsala was partially financed by conditional loans from Energimyndigheten (Energy Authority) in Sweden. ChromoGenics’ (CHRO) is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market with Bank Erik Thinking as a certified adviser:, 08-463 83 00.–publ-/r/chromogenics-cto-about-the-production-process,c3499206

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