A behind-the-scenes look at Bosman Van Zaal’s production process

There is a lot of repetitive work in horticulture. Ideal for automating. Bosman Van Zaal produces this type of automated installations. Production takes place in the modern factory in Aalsmeer. Wibo production manager Elink Schuurman provides insight into this process in a new video. The factory’s production processes are continuously adapted to market demand and technological developments in general. In the end, it comes down to one thing.

In 2022, the production process is a streamlined process in which all parties, from sales and engineering to production and warehouse, communicate with each other. Production engineers determine the programming of machines and robots that control the process, so that each part of the system is produced in a sustainable and efficient way, adapted to specific customer requirements and integrated into the whole. Also used for this is enterprise resource planning, a system that automates and connects business processes within an organization. All data from the various departments is stored in a central database, so that it is always transparent for each employee and can be easily applied in the production of Bosman Van Zaal.

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